Unusually Entertaining

The Giggle Mat is a brand new children's show!

Come visit Dizzy, Mr. Purpleman, Miss Kate and Uncle PJ as they , discover, explore and express themselves in the amazing world around them through stories, music, dance, crafts, juggling, magic, laughs and more!


Dizzy is a highly energetic snow monkey 

from up North.  Dizzy is very inquisitive and 

is fascinated by new experiences.  Dizzy loves

chatting with his friends.

Mr. Purpleman

Mr. Purpleman comes from a faraway

planet.  Mr. Purpleman expresses himself 

through his actions.  He adores physical 

activity, dancing and spreading good vibes 

all around.

Miss Kate

Miss Kate is a librarian.  Miss Kate likes to

help others learn about new things.  Miss 

Kate of course has a passion for books, but 

also loves to sing!

Uncle PJ

Uncle PJ is a fun-loving soul.  Uncle PJ loves 

the outdoors.  He has many talents that 

include playing multiple instruments, 

juggling and performing magic!

Episode 1:  We Are A Family

Episode 2:  Crafty Business

Episode 3:  Bunny Tales

Episode 4: Spring Has Sprung

Episode 5: Summer is Coming!

Episode 6:  Let's Get Pets

Episode 7:  The Giggle Squad

Episode 8: In The Mood for Food