Unusually Entertaining

My Unique Entertainment 

of Comedy, Magic, and 

Juggling, Will Make Your 

Event Fun, Amazing and



Thank you for your consideration and taking the time to request this package and pricing information.  Quality and reliable entertainment that is interactive and keeps guests laughing and amazed is one of the major keys to making your event unique and impressive.

Hi, I am Bill of Nuvo Entertainment and the Bill Nuvo Experience. I am one of the few magicians that have been performing family-friendly magic and illusion shows for Fair and Festival Events for over 30 years.  My clients include Stratford Festival of Canada, Essex Funfest, Stouffville Strawberry Festival, Digby (Nova Scotia) Scallop Days Festival, and many many more!

I not only attended many fair and festival events, but I also know how much time and effort goes into making them a success.  I would like to help you solve some of these situations for you by being your entertainment solutions provider. I can provide:


I have an awesome stage show called The Bill Nuvo Experience.   

It is a true variety show.  It includes magic (like the straitjacket escape and the world's only propless foot twisting illusion), juggling, circus stunts, comedy and loads of audience participation.  Complete with sound system and backdrop (outdoor shows may not include backdrop).  45min show $750

These are the types of reactions you get:


We can offer you strolling magic. Strolling magic is intimate smaller shows lasting about 5-10 minutes at various spots through out your event.  It is a personal and up-close magical experience that can get folks excited about the larger shows I put on that day or to even announce other happenings that you might want your patrons to know about.  I do this as Mr. Purpleman, who is a very unique character who also dances and juggles as well!  He is also joined by Dizzy, a very interactive and talkative puppet!   Be sure to check them out on The Giggle Mat show  

 $250/hour (2 hour minimum)


This is where I combine the best of both packages above. I provide 45 minute magic and illusion show.  Then I also provide 120 minutes of strolling style magic on the festival grounds.  This is a great way to get people knowing about the shows and other events taking place that day. It becomes a complete entertainment package aimed at solving multiple entertainment needs. Combo package with Bill Nuvo Experience and 2 hours of Mr. Purpleman.  $1000 (save $150!).

Each show is custom designed to meet your requirements.  An outstanding show of magic, juggling, music, illusion and fun will leave viewers delighted, amazed and most of all entertained.

Here is what one client had to say about my show:

“Great show, Great entertainer, thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Bill arrived well before the event so that he was all set up before the guests arrived. His 'walk around' show during the cocktail hour was great and he managed to get most of the guest involved in his act. The floor show after dinner was also great with just the right balance of audience participation. As the organizer of this event, I received many messages of appreciation the day after. I'd highly recommend Nuvo entertainment for a funny, crowd-friendly, non-offensive show.”

If this sounds like the result and feedback you would LOVE to hear from your festival and fair patrons this year, I encourage you to take action and consider The Bill Nuvo Experience!

This year’s fair and festival schedule is BOOKING UP FAST for our customized magic and illusion shows, but I wanted to extend one of the first invitations to you as soon as we could.