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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What will I need to provide the performer?

A:    For stage shows we need a performing area of at least 10ft in length by 7 feet wide and access to power.   For DJs we need power and one 8ft table.   For all performers we need access to parking close to the venue.  This also includes passes/payment for any paid parking we must use.  We will inform you if we will provide our own sound equipment.


Q:  Is there tax added to the pricing?

A:  Currently we add no tax.


Q:  When should I schedule the performer to begin?

A:  Generally speaking, if you have an event starting at 3pm, performance time should be no sooner than 3:30 to allow for latecomers.  At outdoor events, try to schedule us when there will a great deal of traffic.


Q:  Can we have you perform during dinner?

A:  You can, but be aware that it will be extremely more difficult to perform with all the distractions and may result in a less than favourable review of your event.  We suggest having the performance before or after the meal in order for us to have the full attention of everyone and to put on the best show we can to make your event superb.


Q:  Will I need chaperones/adults there to watch over the little ones?

A:  Yes.  We will not perform for children unless an adult is present (ratio:  1 adult per 10 children must be met).  Our shows are geared for the whole family, so everyone will find it enjoyable.  The adults help with any problems that may arise (anything from toddlers walking on stage to "I need to go to the washroom"


Q:  What if an unforseen problem arises and we need to push the start time back?

A:  If we can accommodate you we will, but unfortunately we often have multiple gigs/commitments in a day.  Thus, we may have to leave at the already scheduled end time for the show.


Q:  How soon should I book?

A:  As soon as possible.  Advance planning earns the choice spots.  Our top entertainers are in high demand!  The sooner you book, the better your chances are for your choice of entertainer to be available.  Short notice requests can be handled as our schedule permits.


Q:  Can I videotape or take pictures of your performance?

A:  Yes, thanks for asking.  And if you like, we wouldn't mind a copy as well.  Please note that every performer is different and has different policies on this issue.  Please ask the performer before you take any pics or video.


A:  Click on link


For Charities and Non-Profit Organizations

Professional entertainment will improve your fund-raising event.

The goal of fund-raising is to have as many people come to your event.  It isn’t easy.  You need quality entertainment, great food, and a fun atmosphere.  The experience must be one that people will want to attend the following year(s) and to talk about to their friends.  We can help.

Why we say no to a fundraiser.
We are told that it is great exposure.  We get this all the time.  Our main target demographic is big events like yours.  From our experiences, we have learned that if we are working a fundraiser, most people assume that we are donating our time and services and they expect us to do the same for their event.  We get very little work from doing a free event. We get more bookings from a paying show.  Because we are flooded by fund-raising agencies looking for free entertainment, we are very picky on which fundraiser we will support.

How to get us to say yes to your fundraiser.
If you are having multiple events, ask us if we can give a discount price if we do multiple events.  Offering to pay full price  means you are going to get a top notch show. We will feel obligated to perform just as hard for your next event because our reputation is on the line. We will make sure the second fundraiser is as good or if not better then the first.  We also love to book as much as possible way ahead of time.  We like to know we are booked months to years in advance.  Also, most of our work is done on the weekend.  If you have an event Monday through Thursday, we can afford to give you a discount for non-peak times.