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Magic has a strong relationship with science.  Magic tricks can be based on various scientific principles like optics, chemistry, psychology, math, physics and more!   

This show is geared for all ages of children (even adults find it interesting!).  There is something for every level of understanding.  

You get an 1/2 hour show and then an 1/2 hour explanation session.  

*Learn how to move objects apparently with your mind 
*Witness superhuman feats of strength
*Experience colour changing water
*Shrink and grow somebody's head 
*And so much more!

From Houdini to Penn & Teller (or "honest liars as they are sometimes called) are experts in the art of deception.  They are very aware of the techniques used to fool people and this well of knowledge can be used for debunking scams and hoaxes.   

*Learn the red flags to help better identify scams, hoaxes and misleading information.  *Learn some logical fallacies, how science works, and increasing critical thinking

*Learn a few magic tricks from a master magician.   

This course promises to be educational while having fun! 


3 Day Course  (2 hour mini-course also available)

#1 How we are fooled:  Psychology and neuroscience, the problems with anecdotes and testimonials

#2 Science and the media; how to understand it.  Red Flag words used to mislead in questionable advertising

#3  The magic secrets of the scams (science).   Includes live demos of scams in real time!  Final review of course material

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As seen on CBC Marketplace:  Scam or Science

Aired February 2nd 2018

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