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The Giggle Squad: Tricks & Treats

Episode 9: Tricks and Treats The Giggle Mat talk about Halloween and scary things like the dark and monsters

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Credits: Concept created by Bill Nuvo and Melissa Arditti

Directed by Bill Nuvo & Melissa Arditti

Starring Dizzy-Bill Nuvo ( )

Mr. Purpleman-Bill Nuvo ( )

Miss Kate-Kate Reynolds/LavenderLibrarian ( )

Uncle PJ-Joseph Peplinski ( )

Giggle Mat word logo-cooltext

Giggle Mat character cartoons-Jordyn Dileva

Original Music-Bill Nuvo

Giggle Mat Intro Lyrics-Jarrod Dileva & Kate Reynolds

Giggle Mat Intro Vocals-Kate Reynolds, Jarrod Dileva, Celine Gauthier, Jon Brett

Intro video clips of children via Pexels(dot)com users: Taryn Elliott, Pressmaster, Kampus Production, Cottonbro, Pavel Danilyuk, Martina Tom

Foley artist-Melissa Arditti Video editing-Bill Nuvo

Mr. Purpleman set decorative border by Teaching Tree

"C'est L'Halloween"

Used with permission from Matt Maxwell

English Vocals & Music played by Jon Brett

Original artwork by Casper J Bry

"The Coffee Monster"

Written by Nate Friedman Illustrated by Saba Bushnaq

Read by Aimee Clifford

Purchase Coffee Monster at:

"The Coffee Monster Song" Lyrics by Nate Friedman and Jarrod Dileva Music by Jarrod Dileva Vocals by Jarrod Dileva & Celine Gauthier Sound/Music editing software- Sony Acid Music Studio Garage Band Title Voiceovers Generator: Video Editing Software- Windows FilmoraX Filmed in Windsor, ON and Kitchener, ON Supported by the City of Windsor’s Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund (ACHF)

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