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The Giggle Mat: The Giggle Squad

Episode 7: The Giggle Squad

The Giggle Mat friends become superheroes to help look for something that is lost

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Credits: Concept created by Bill Nuvo and Melissa Arditti

Directed by Bill Nuvo & Melissa Arditti

Starring Dizzy-Bill Nuvo ( )

Mr. Purpleman-Bill Nuvo ( )

Miss Kate-Kate Reynolds/LavenderLibrarian ( )

Uncle PJ-Joseph Peplinski ( )

Giggle Mat word logo-cooltext

Giggle Mat character cartoons-Jordyn Dileva

Original Music-Bill Nuvo

Giggle Mat Intro Lyrics-Jarrod Dileva & Kate Reynolds

Giggle Mat Intro Vocals-Kate Reynolds, Jarrod Dileva, Celine Gauthier, Jon Brett

Intro video clips of children via Pexels(dot)com users: Taryn Elliott, Pressmaster, Kampus Production, Cottonbro, Pavel Danilyuk, Martina Tom

Foley artist-Melissa Arditti

Video editing-Bill Nuvo

Mr. Purpleman set decorative border by Teaching Tree

"Where Are You Purpleman?"

Based on "Sur le Pont d'Avignon"

Vocals by Kate Reynolds Lyrics by Kate Reynolds

Music by Bill Nuvo

Character Art by Jordyn Dileva

"Little Star"

Based on "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" by Jane Taylor and Mozart

Additional lyrics by Kate Reynolds

Vocals by Kate Reynolds

Music by Mike Karloff

"ABCD is for Down"

Written by Cindy Lasi Illustrated by Alex B. Acayen

Read by Kate Reynolds

You can purchase "ABCD is for Down" at:

Follow Cindy and Noah at

Assistant to Kate Reynolds- Aimee Clifford

Sound/Music editing software- Sony Acid Music Studio Garage Band

Title Voiceovers Generator:

Video Editing Software- Windows FilmoraX

Filmed in Windsor, ON and Kitchener, ON

Supported by the City of Windsor Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund (ACHF)

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