Unusually Entertaining

Eight Tips to Maximize Entertainment 

At Your Banquet Dinner

1. Schedule the show to begin after all of the dessert plates are cleared from the tables.  This is so you won't have plates and silverware noise disrupting your guests.   Also the wait-staff will not be blocking anyone's view of the show.

2.  Close the bar until after the show is done.  45 minutes to an hour without a drink won't kill anyone

3. The entertainment should be as close to the audience as possible to maximize interaction

4. For best results have a riser or portable stage at least 1 foot high and 12'x12' or larger.  It should be centred to the audience so the back of the entertainment is to no one. 

5. Speeches can be made prior or immediately following the entertainment.   Awards, raffles and gifts should be done towards the end of the night.  This helps to keep guests there so they don't miss out on the fun and leaving early.

6.  Make sure the hall has a stand-alone microphone that can be easily removed.  No podium microphones.

7.  Have someone who is comfortable speaking in front of groups to introduce the entertainer

8.  Sit back, relax, and be ready to laugh and be amazed by Bill Nuvo