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As you know, fundraising is one of the hardest things to do and is the life-blood of charities and non-profits.  There is much competition out there so we always strive to offer something unique to help attain those funds.   

This is where we can help.

We are offering our 1.5 hour magic and juggling show to you at no cost!* All you need to do is provide a venue (a hall with a stage, 150 minimum capacity).  We provide the show, the sound, the backdrop.  All ticket sales (and refreshments if you choose to serve) go to you.  We are covered by sponsors that we seek out and print out a program to give to the audience.   We also book these events during the week so there is less competition.  Weekends there is just too much going on vying for people's attention.   The great thing about our show is that is appeals to any type of group.  Adults, seniors, teens and children.  There is something for everyone.   People always like helping out more when they are getting something in return on top of the great feeling of donating.  

Contact us today to set up a meeting!

*This is a stand-alone event, not to be included with/during any other event.  Organization will also agree not to compete for sponsors for the event (i.e. no approaching businesses for door prizes, raffles, and other expenses)