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Close-up illusions using ropes, coins, cards, and other everyday objects to entertain patrons on a more intimate level.  Suitable for all ages.  


Bill Nuvo 

Bill Nuvo is a most unique performer who not only performs magic, but also juggling and circus stunts, thus creating and exciting and memorable event.


"Thank you so much for coming out. You were awsome. We had a lot of wonderful feedback. We would love to have you for sure next year. I am also going to keep you in mind for our fundraisers. Maybe we will do one for Hocktoberfest."


Other Close-up Magicians
Peter Mennie
Many of Canada’s top corporations including call on magician Peter Mennie for strolling entertainment at their successful events. When you need to go one step beyond and impress your most important guests, join the hundreds of top-tier event producers who rely on Peter’s
30 years of experience.




Wayne Tellier 

 Utilizing sleight of hand artistry audiences will stand mesmerized, or bust a gut laughing, and everything in-between!  The constant reaction is always satisfaction when it comes to Wayne's magic show or when it is so close up there is no other explanation other than pure magic. 





"To the Pirate, thank-you for your thoughtful gift.  They are still fully inflated today!  You shouldn't have (but we're glad you did).  Thank-you for taking the time to think of us." 

Diane and Wade